Wax Lyrical Lab Tour

At Wax Lyrical, quality is at the core of everything we do. That’s how we have remained one of the UK's leading manufacturers in home fragrance for over 40 years. 

To make sure our products meet our rigorous standards, we have high standards of testing that each product goes through, and an industry leading testing lab to do it all in. 

Our testing lab is state of the art, climate controlled, and has a designated burn room which allows us to make sure every Wax Lyrical product meets our industry leading standards. If it fails any one of our tests, the product will never make it to the shop-floor. Some of the testing we do includes the height the flame of the candle reaches, carbon deposits, tunnelling, as well as how a candle might age. All of these tests have the goal of ensuring that every product we manufacture is safe and meets the Wax Lyrical standard. 

Take a tour of our modern lab below. You can click and drag to change your view of the lab, use arrow keys to navigate around the lab, and hover over pins to learn more about the testing we do on-site!