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Changing the way you fragrance your home

Developed with Odouraze, an odour-neutralising ingredient, our HomeScenter® collection of candles and reed diffusers are designed to combat malodours around your home, whilst also providing luxury fragrance.

NEW HomeScenter® Ombre Candle

Odour-Neutralising Home Fragrance

All products in the HomeScenter collection have been created with Odouraze, an odour-neutralising ingredient that helps to eliminate malodours around your home.

  • Malodour Control Technology ensures your home always smells fresh
  • Active ingredients interact with malodourous molecules to neutralise odours, not just masking them
  • Available in a range of stylish home fragrance products, designed for every room

NEW HomeScenter® Ombre Candles

For 2019 we've developed a brand new addition to our HomeScenter® collection, on-trend and stylish Ombre Candles.

Our special wax blend, which contains Odouraze™ to help control unwanted odours, is poured into an elegant ombre-coloured glass and will burn for up to 67 hours - meaning you can enjoy the luxury fragrance and odour-neutralising properties of this candle throughout your home.

NEW HomeScenter® Ombre Candle
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Odour Neutralising Candles

Keep your home smelling fresh with our HomeScenter® candles, developed with luxury fragrance and Odouraze™ to help control unwanted odours.

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Odour Neutralising Reed Diffusers

Control malodours 24/7 with our HomeScenter® reed diffusers, a flame-free alternative that's developed with Odouraze™ to combat unwanted odours around your home.