Your Spring Clean Checklist

Your Spring Clean Checklist

Your Spring Clean Checklist

Days are getting longer, weather is getting warmer, landscapes are finally boasting splashes of colour and generally people are seeming much happier…it must be spring!

The onset of this new season brings a surge of positivity, ambition and energy, and it’s a prime opportunity for many of us tackle a spring clean in the home; to dust off the winter months and welcome in the light, bright days of spring and summer.

Here’s your spring clean checklist to gear you up for a mammoth tidy and to steer you in the direction of a sparkling home for the new season.

Start with a deep declutter

Clear home, happy heart (or something like that!). It’s easy to accumulate ‘stuff’; cupboards, drawers and shelves are an easy out for keeping your belongings out of sight and out of mind, but your space will run out eventually and sooner or later it’s time for a declutter.

We like to set up bags and boxes for rubbish, recycling, donating, selling and upcycling, and then we tackle a room at a time, clearing out everything that’s not needed.

Tips for decluttering: Be clever about your storage spaces so that you can keep the items you don’t want to get rid of but don’t use on a daily basis. Make use of under bed space and use storage boxes to organise what you keep there so it’s easy to access. Finally, be ruthless!

Spruce up your soft-furnishings

We’ve all been cooped up all winter; snuggling up on the sofa, curtains closed, candles lit and a feel-good film on the TV, so don’t overlook your soft-furnishing when the time for a spring clean arrives.

Wash or wipe down your curtains, throws and pillow cases, plus your sofa too if you can, to give every inch of your most liveable rooms a new lease of life for the lighter and longer days.

Tips for sprucing soft-furnishings: Be careful what you throw into the washing machine, in some cases you might only be able to hand wash or dry-clean the items! Once you’ve given your soft furnishings a clean, keep them fresh with a linen spray.

Get rid of bad odours for good

Sometimes stubborn smells just can’t be masked. Whether it has stemmed from cooking or the kitchen bin, it might be coming from the bathroom or your children’s bedrooms, sometimes even when you remove the source of the scent, the bad smell can linger. In those cases opt for home fragrances which have odour eliminating qualities, rather than scents which will just temporarily mask the smell.

Our Homescenter® range is a great place to shop for premium and beautiful home fragrances which tackle the source of the unwanted smells in your home. Odouraze™ is a unique blend of active ingredients that interact with unwanted ‘malodour’ molecules and it is skilfully blended into each product in the Homescenter® range.

Tips for eliminating odours: The kitchen can hotbed for lingering scents which may smell lovely at the time of cooking but later become stale and spread throughout the home. Boiling water with citrus peel in a pan after cooking can be a quick way of freshening food odours.

Wipe the surfaces clean

Ok, let’s be honest, this isn’t exactly an enjoyable task. Wiping down the kitchen worktops and doing a quick polish throughout is one thing, but when it comes to a spring clean it’s a case of cleaning windows, skirting boards, doors, handles, shelves…we’re exhausted just thinking about it!

So, lets focus on efficiency and fun to get this task done well.

Firstly, save time by packing a cleaning caddy (of sorts, if you don’t own one). Save yourself trips back and forth from the cleaning cupboard by carrying all the essentials with you from room to room.

Next, be sure to have your favourite playlist at the ready. Motivate that elbow grease to the sound of your favourite songs which are guaranteed to distract you from the task at hand.

Tips for a wipe down: Have all your tools at the ready – not just the cleaning products but the cloths, towels, rubber gloves (and obligatory tooth brush!) too.

Reset your home fragrance

When your home is clutter free and sparkling clean, now is the time to set the scent for each room of your home. Some fragrance families can feel like a natural fit for each room, such as florals for the conservatory and fresh notes in the kitchen, but we would always recommend that you should be led by your own fragrance preference.

No two people have the same sense of smell. So don’t abide by any rules, choose fragrances and the design of products which reflect you and complement your style.

Tips for resetting your home fragrance: Fragrance discovery is the first step. Find a mixture of fragrances you're drawn to and some you wouldn’t have thought to try and trial them in your home with scented tealights, small reed diffusers and room sprays. Also, it’s OK to be led by the design, particularly with reed diffusers because you can top it up with a different fragrance refill if the scent isn’t for you.

Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019