Scents To Help Our Health and Well-being


Mental health is our health. Our brains are always busy and they impact every other part of our body.  We all carry our burdens differently and most of us experience some level of worry.

Some people experience stress – when your mind is constantly racing and worrying about everything and everyone. Others anxiety - no matter what friends and family say, the voice in your head makes you doubt and feel anxious, struggling to speak up, fear of being judged.  Depression makes some of us lose interest in everything, become emotional and unable to find the energy to do even the most basic things. 

You may not recognise this in yourself.  It may not be obvious in a friend or a loved one but we all recognise the occasional, or frequent sense of feeling out of sorts. Feeling pressure from juggling too much or thinking we can’t cope. Some days, we’re just not firing on all cylinders.  Some days your friend doesn’t feel ok.

lavender relax

Seemingly small things can help

We’ve all thought, “there aren’t enough hours in the day.” and probably screamed, “I can’t even get ten minutes to myself”.  What we eat, how we exercise and sleep are vital but even getting those organised can be stressful.  Sometimes little things can make a big difference.  Healing is not a straight line so maybe the right fragrance can help you navigate the highs and lows.  

Just the sight of a flickering flame is proven to relax us.  The image of a lit candle tells our brain that this is associated with us being relaxed and as a result, we begin to feel calm.  So it’s more than just a flame.

sophie conran scented candle wisdom

It’s also a lot more than just a nice smell

Life can be pain in the neck, in fact, it can be a pain in the head and stomach. The therapeutic properties of fragrance can enhance those precious fifteen minutes to switch off the noise and breath. It won’t remove all the things stressing your life but it might help put some balance back.

Science shows fragrance has the power to impact our mood, energy, relaxation, productivity and sleep. For example, even though we’re falling into darker nights, placing the scent of lemons, sunflowers and meadows in your home, can keep a spring in your step.

Put simply, fragrance enters our body through the olfactory system – when inhaled, fragrance triggers the central nervous system. It does more than just let you take a step back to help you see things more clearly.  It brings harmony and calmness to the mind and in turn the nervous system.


Here are few ideas to think about

Different scents can get you through your day from invigorating your morning, keeping calm in your car and at work, to surviving the craziness of home and unwinding at the end of your day. 

At Wax Lyrical we have cleverly chosen and blended the essential oils to impact sleep, stress, pain, moods and overall wellbeing. It’s an ancient practice which we craft and refine. 

  • To boost productivity at home or at work (or working from home), choose citrus or mint. 
  • Boost your mood with lemon, cinnamon or peppermint. 
  • Relieve stress with chamomile, cypress, peach or orange. 
  • To help a peaceful drifting off to sleep, choose lavender, jasmine, rose or sandalwood.
  • Lightness and happy can be found in the smell of fresh linen or pine.
sophie conran candle clarity

Or quite simply, enjoy whatever your favourite scent is.  We all need help and even something seemingly small, can make a difference.  Do one thing for yourself and let fragrance give your brain that space to compute. Or show a friend you are thinking about them and let fragrance help them heal.  

Choose your fragrance from our collection of candles and reed diffusers, or ask our experts for recommendations to help you better manage all the elements of modern life.  Be kind to yourself and to each other.

Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019