Our Product Development Manager Shares Her Favourite Fragrances

Product Development Wax Lyrical Rachel Holmes

With more than 60 fragrances across our spring/summer ranges alone, our product development team are some of the most expert ‘noses’ in our business, and whilst it’s their job to find fragrances that everyone will love, they’re bound to find some personal favourites along the way! 

We couldn’t wait to hear from Product Development Manager, Rachel Holmes, who has been with us for 23 years, on her top 5 personal favourites.


Rachel: Can I start by saying how difficult this has been to choose just 5! I have so many favourites for different reasons. But, I’ve managed to narrow it down.

Fired Earth, Earl Grey & Vetivert

I love this fragrance, I light the candles in my living room each evening and the fragrance throw is amazing, it fills the entire room. I also love the design of this range which features prints from Fired Earth, so I reuse the ceramic vessels around the home once the candle has come to an end.

HomeScenter, Raspberry & Apple

I use this fragrance in my kitchen as it’s not only a lovely scent but this range blends an odour neutralising formula into each fragrance too, so it helps to get rid of cooking smells. The yellow vessels of this fragrance also adds a great pop of colour to my interior.


This is my new favourite range to gift to people as it’s guaranteed to make them smile! There are fun and quirky slogans on each product to suit the individual person you’re giving it to and the fragrance used in the range is a lovely light and sweet scent which will suit anyone’s home. 



Dictionary candle

Dictionary candle, Super Star

RHS Fragrant Garden, Lavender

This simply lavender scent is such a nostalgic fragrance for me. It takes me right back to my childhood and being in my Nanna’s garden as she grew Lavender. One of the great things about fragrance is how it can take you straight back to a memory.

Fired Earth, Darjeeling & Damask Rose

I love this feminine rose fragrance, I use this in my bedroom. It’s a floral scent but with a rich depth of musk, it’s lovely. As with all the Fired Earth fragrances I love the designs as much as the fragrances, so this also adds to the decor of my bedroom too and I reuse the products after I’ve enjoyed the fragrance.


Fired Earth candles

Fired Earth, [front] Darjeeling & Damask Rose, [back] Oolong & Stem Ginger

Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019