Odour Neutralising Fragrance


Don’t sacrifice the quality of your home fragrances just to eliminate unwanted odours from your home. HomeScenter is our unique odour neutralising collection with six beautiful fragrances to choose from.

Cooking smells, pet odours and musty hallways are just some of the stubborn smells that linger in the home and we all desperately try to mask with a scented candle or spritz of air freshener. Finding a solution that doesn’t just temporarily cover up a bad smell but will remove those odours for good and is also rich in fine fragrance, is no mean feat.

Let us introduce you to HomeScenter…

Odour neutralising candles

All fragrances in our HomeScenter range are expertly blended with Odourazeä; a unique formula of active ingredients that interact with unwanted ‘malodour’ molecules around the home. 

‘Malodours’ are odours which are considered to be offensive and are usually associated with pets, body odour, tobacco, kitchens and bathrooms. 

HomeScenter Fragrances:

No1 - Water Lily & Lilac

No2 – Raspberry & Apple

No3 – Lavender & Chamomile

No4 – Vanilla & Cashmere

No5 – Hibiscus & Rosehip

No6 – Jasmine & Oudwood

From the scented candles which will burn for up to 42 hours to the 180ml of fragrance included with each reed diffuser (miniatures are available in gift sets too), this range will eliminate those unwanted odours from your home and introduce an infusion of lasting fresh fragrance.

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Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019