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"Oh that smells beautiful!" said everyone, who walked through our large open plan office, as we took this photograph in front of the Christmas tree (and they were wearing masks).

We are surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous fragrances throughout our offices, laboratory and factory. Yet the gentle hue of mist coming from one of the Portmeirion inspired ultrasonic diffusers, created a whole new level of scent.  Nothing overpowering, just enough to make people stop and take notice.

In the same way as Portmeirion’s founder, Susan Williams-Ellis, made a whole industry stop and take notice. 

Inspiration:  the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. 

Especially, to do something creative.

Ultrasonic diffusers; the epitome of classic interior luxury and fragrance

Portmeirion was founded in 1960 by legendary pottery designer Susan Williams-Ellis.

Her contribution to British design style and the British ceramics industry has been immeasurable and places her firmly in the company of a small group of great and celebrated 20th Century ceramic designers.

Her approach to designing both the shape of her products and surface pattern was considered quite unique. 

Her philosophy of creating beautiful but functional collections revolutionised the industry. 

In 2018 to celebrate the centenary of her birth, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London curated an exhibition of her work marking four decades of her energy, imagination and innovation.  Combined with an instinctive grasp of what customers wanted, she inspired many imitators.

In 2020 our parent company Portmeirion marked it’s 60th year and here at Wax Lyrical we celebrated our 40th year.  Appropriate therefore, that we channel Susan's influence to highlight our range of Ultrasonic diffusers; the epitome of classic interior luxury. Adorned with stunning gold-leaf motifs these electric ceramic diffusers are true centrepieces for the senses.

These electric ceramic diffusers are true centrepieces for the senses

Ultrasonic diffusers are something special. People will always take notice of elegant design and memorable fragrance. Their cleverness speaks to a new way of making a room feel welcoming whilst the ceramic shape channels the richness of Portmeirion’s first pottery kilns.  We think Susan would agree:

“we believe gaiety, brightness and good design are good business as well as good things in themselves.”

Susan Williams-Ellis (1918 – 2007)

Wherever they are set up, ultrasonic diffusers fill your home with inspiring fragrance, beautiful design and moments of calm. Exactly what every home needs. Click here to view our range.

Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019