Creating Your Home Haven

Home Sanctuary

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a reflection of you. A place where you create memories and a space where you create moments of happiness and relaxation. Your home is your special, and often favourite, place.

Right now, our homes have a new meaning for many of us. We’ve gone from spending a rushed morning, a sleepy evening and a busy weekend in and out of our front doors, to spending most of our time indoors. So, feeling happy at home is more important now than ever before.

When it comes to feeling happy, productive and relaxed, home fragrance has a big part to play. Here’s our guide to creating your own home haven with a little help from an infusion of fragrance.  

The power of aroma

Did you know that fragrance can impact your happiness, energy, productivity, relaxation and sleep, to name just a few? As well as opting for your favourite scents (which guarantees happiness!), think about which fragrance could be best suited to each room too.

From scents which boost productivity, like citrus and mint, which would be perfect for your home office, to scents which help you sleep, like lavender and jasmine, which would be perfect for your bedroom. Embrace the power of fragrance in your home to help you be at your happiest.

Wax Lyrical scented candle

Complement your style

When you walk into a room or take a moment to gaze around a room as you unwind, it’s important to feel proud of your home and inspired by your décor; feelings which instil happiness and relaxation.

Home fragrances are so much more than just their aroma. Candles and diffusers are designed to complement your interior style and reflect your design, so chose items which do just that.

Remember you can refill diffusers with your favourite fragrance and reuse candles in your home once the last drop of fragrance has melted away, so you really are shopping by design as well as fragrance.

Happiness by candlelight

Just the sight of a flickering flame is proven to relax us. The image of a lit candle tells our brain that this is associated with us being relaxed, and as a result we begin to feel calm. So, don’t just set your candles aside for the occasional bubble bath or dinner party, surround yourself with the comforting flicker of a candle (or many) for relaxation guaranteed.

Candles are also a great way to take your home from day to night. Whilst you’re spending so much time at home, it’s important to feel you can switch off and draw a productive day to a close as you melt into a cosy evening. Lighting a candle and indulging in your favourite fragrance is a perfect way to winddown after a busy day.

Wax Lyrical dinner candle

Spring is here

Spring is finally upon us, and whilst the brighter days and longer evenings are certainly helping to lift spirits, we’re not embracing the fresh days and floral infusions that are so cherished at this time of year, as much as we usually all would.

Soak up scents of linens, lemons, sunflowers and meadows in your home all day long and infuse your senses with some of the most synonymous aromas of spring. 

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Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019