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This week we launched our amazing Yvonne Ellen collection, where quirky designs are matched with luxury fragrance to create extraordinary home fragrance products. Whilst we absolutely adore this range already, it's important to see how much others enjoy it too - so we've teamed up with guest bloggers to get their honest reviews on this exciting new range. Please keep reading for our lovely review from Laura at Autumn's Mummy Blog!

Hello! I’m Laura, a parenting and lifestyle blogger at autumnsmummyblog.com. When I’m not running around after an excitable toddler or working, you can usually find me writing about my life and the things I enjoy. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing I take more pleasure in than lighting a candle and relaxing with a good book.

Recently, I was asked to review the new Yvonne Ellen range for Wax Lyrical. The range comprises of candles and diffusers, which I was very excited to try out. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing quite like chilling out on the sofa with a soft throw, a good book and a candle. With Yvonne’s knack of combining traditional and contemporary design in a wonderfully quirky way, I knew they would be to my taste. Indeed, I was not left disappointed!


Eagerly unwrapping the parcel when it arrived, I was delighted by the boxes that the products arrived in. With bold patterns and animals on them, the designs are beautiful and luxurious. They would make a wonderful gift!

Yvonne Ellen Votive Gift Set

Yvonne Ellen Votive Gift Set - £25.99 at www.wax-lyrical.com

Vintage Palm reed diffuser

Vintage Palm reed diffuser - £25.99 at www.wax-lyrical.com


There are four diffusers in the range and I had the pleasure of testing two of the scents; Vintage Palm and Wild Jasmine. The design of the diffuser itself looks expensive. It’s a sleek, classic design that is lovely to look at but also doesn’t distract the eye too much from ornaments or photographs in the room.


Vintage Palm is presented in blush pink, which looks lovely in my bedroom! It smells lovely and fresh with its combination of fresh white cotton, bergamot, lemon, lime, lavandin, muguet and nutmeg. Meanwhile the base of cedarwood, musk, patchouli, vanilla and moss makes it quite a sensual fragrance; perfect for its placement in the bedroom. It would, however, work well anywhere in the home.

Yvonne Ellen Vintage Palm


This fragrance is a little stronger, with oud, saffron, jasmine, white sandalwood and amber. The scent travels very well around a room and is very noticeable without being too overpowering. It is presented in a dark blue.

Yvonne Ellen Wild Jasmine


One thing I first noticed about the candles is that all the colours compliment each other and blend well together. There are four scents; Tranquil Tide, Exotic Fig, Vintage Palm and Wild Jasmine. The colours and scents of the latter two are the same as the diffusers.


This one is my husband’s favourite. It has a slightly musky and fruity scent, featuring juicy figs, green apple, quince, sandalwood, raspberry, tonka bean and patchouli. It adds a light fragrance to the room. I wouldn’t attribute the fragrance to any particular season, making it ideal for use all year round.

Yvonne Ellen Exotic Fig


This candle is my favourite for chilling out with before bed time. This one has a herbal fragrance with lavender, geranium, cardamom, cedarwood, sandalwood and amber. It helps me to feel very relaxed and cosy. If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine being wrapped up in a blanket in a copse surrounded by deer and hedgehogs.

Yvonne Ellen Tranquil Tide


The gift set contains smaller sized candles in the Exotic Fig, Vintage Palm and Wild Jasmine fragrances. It’d definitely be a worthwhile purchase whether you want to try out all the scents in smaller sizes before committing to the large candle, or don’t want or need as much burning time. I haven’t got through them all yet, but they’ve gone down quite slowly over several nights. As such, I’d say that they’re great value for money.

All of these candles both look and smell great together too!

Yvonne Ellen Votive Gift Set

Overall, this is a modern range with beautiful designs that looks and smells great and will be enjoyed in any room of the home.

Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019

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  2. Tranquil Tide
    Tranquil Tide
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    Tranquil Tide
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    Tranquil Tide
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