Bringing Candlelight To Your Garden

Candle lantern at night

We’re making the most of every corner of our homes at the moment, creating spaces we can enjoy both inside and outside our homes. Now, as spring arrives we can embrace every drop of  daylight and use candles to help make outdoor evenings feel cosy, tranquil and stylish.  Here are some ideas for how you can welcome a flicker of candlelight to your garden this summer.

Lovely lanterns

When we think of sophisticated candlelight, lanterns are often front of mind and when it comes to your garden there are styles in abundance; from jars and trinkets for your tealight candles to tall rustic metal lanterns to house your pillar candles.

Create a huddle of multiple lanterns in corners of your seating areas to create a stylish feature and a glow of candlelight and give your outdoor living area a lift.


Candles in the garden

Twinkling tealights

Bring a sprinkling of light to your garden with a sea, scattering or trail of tealights throughout your garden to create a magical glow. You could illuminate your footpaths with a line-up of mini jars and lanterns for your tealight candles, or hang glass orbs from your trees for a dramatic design of suspended candlelight.

Outdoor aromas

It may seem unusual to use scented candles outdoors where the fragrance isn’t necessarily contained, but the impact scents can have on our mood and relaxation, as well as reflecting our lifestyle, still applies outdoors and can be just as powerful.

You may opt for floral fragrances to bring your garden to life and enrich the natural aromas of your garden. Or perhaps an infusion of citrus, oceanic and sweet tones to reflect brighter evenings.

You can also harness calming aromas to help to you to unwind in the evenings. Lavender, chamomile and vanilla can all work wonders for relaxing the mind and body and instilling an aroma of bliss.

Summer fragrances

Outdoor dining

Eating al fresco doesn’t just need to mean burgers on the barbeque, you can maintain your sophisticated date nights and dinner parties outdoors too, with plenty of room for an injection of style.

Your dinner settings can be just as decorative outside and actually tapered dinner candles can set the mood for an indulgent evening outdoors.

We have all styles of fragranced and elegant candles for your outdoor life here.

Candles for outdoor life
Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019