Being Happy At Home

happy at home

Whilst we all spend more time at home than ever before, loving our homes and being blissful in our surroundings is so important. From creating calm environments, to making time for the things you love most, there are lots of ways to stay happy at home.

Here are some tips from the Wax Lyrical team on how we’re infusing our homes with positivity, productivity and happiness. 

Danielle from our Quality Assurance team says:

“I’m making time for baking which I love to do. So far I’ve whipped up a Mint Aero cheesecake, a Terrys Chocolate Orange cheesecake, a Mars Bar cake and a Coffee & Walnut cake! I’ve also been sticking to my usual keep fit regime by doing live Zumba classes online.”


Baking cheesecake

Karis from our Planning team says:

“I’ve been doing my usual Lightbird Yoga classes through zoom in the evenings. It’s a great community and everyone can share how they are feeling and help to raise each other’s spirits. Rachel who leads the class is doing great stuff, such as running the classes for free for those whose jobs have been affected by the current situation.”

Jade from our Finance team says:

“I’ve been doing morning exercises before work, making sure I get outside for fresh air at lunch time and reading a book to completely relax. I’ve been baking a lot too, but trying to keep it healthy! I’ve also used this time to learn some new skills and I’ve been having a go at crochet and embroidery.”



Gary from our Sales team says:

“I’ve of course been lighting a candle at my desk when I’m working each day! It creates a nice working environment, keeps you feeling relaxed and brings lovely fragrance to your home too.” 

Jenna from our Marketing team says:

“Since being at home I start each day with a mediation so I feel relaxed for the day ahead. I’ve also been reading more too, to give myself a little digital detox in the evenings and have a break from technology.” 

Lauren from our Purchasing team says:

“I’ve continued to run Zumba classes but now I’m doing them via Zoom so that people can still join in at home. I run the classes 4 days a week and I’ve had great feedback from people who look forward to the classes. Plus, I’m offering free places for NHS workers too.” You can book your place on the Zumba class live via Lauren Snell on Facebook.

We hope some of these tips help you to stay happy at home. We’d love to hear from you on your own tips and if you’re giving some of ours a go – you can get in touch with us via social media – WaxLyricalUK.

Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019