Even award winning successful artists need an energy boost


Sophie Conran exudes calm sophistication and whilst the poise and au fait successful exterior are totally authentic, we wanted to know, does she sometimes struggle as much as everyone else to get out of bed and face the day?

So we grabbed a chocolate biscuit and a cup of mint tea and relaxed into a chat.

Fragranced candles and diffusers from Sophie Conran Energies by Wax Lyrical

You’re a successful business woman, an award winning designer.  Obviously busy, probably under pressure but do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?

Yes, I feel often feel overwhelmed. I try to plan things very carefully but when an extra thing gets added to the list, I can get a little anxious. Some of the things that I’ve done to help manage my stress levels are turning all notifications off on my phone and giving up caffeine.

Fragranced candles and diffusers from Sophie Conran Energies by Wax Lyrical

Essential oils have also been long credited with helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Does a candle or a diffuser really make a difference?

I do think so, and it’s not only about having the uplifting or calming fragrance, but also about putting yourself in the mindset to relax and unwind.

So, aside from the time of day, would it be unfair to ask, what’s your favourite fragrance in your new candle and diffuser range of Energies?

It’s really difficult to decide – it’s a bit like choosing a favourite child! I would have to say the Orange – pink pepper and neroli!

Fragranced candles and diffusers from Sophie Conran Energies by Wax Lyrical

The collection includes several essential oils such as olibanum, lavandin and clary sage.  In fact there are a lot of amazing sounding fragrances to choose from, but that’s no bad thing? 

I agree, we all have different chapters in our lives and different energies or Chakras we need to boost. I love the lines in the design of the diffuser and it comes with a fragrance and that you can get a different refill of another scent for a different energy.

Your tableware and home fragrance collection channel the desires everyone has, that is, to express ourselves.  Do we need to understand reiki, chakras or the ancient scriptures of Hinduism to enjoy your home fragrance range?

Not at all! The range has been put together to lightly remind us to be aware of how we are feeling in mind, body and soul and to spend some time making sure that we are in balance as far as possible.

Fragranced candles and diffusers from Sophie Conran Energies by Wax Lyrical

It’s 15 years since you first launched your own range of tableware with Portmeirion and you now have a world-wide following of your expanding passions including wall paper, garden tools, cutlery, basically the whole home and garden.  With two grown up children and a lot of goals achieved do you find it now more difficult, or easier, to keep all the energies open and flowing?

For the last 7 years, I have been meditating twice a day, this gives me a little bit more clarity of past, present and future. The reason we meditate is to be able to deal all that life can throw at you and is a gentle reminder to take a step back and a little time to focus on what is going on in your inner world.

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Notes from Wax Lyrical 19.12.2019